Let’s rock the
world of finance

Why did we start BUX?

Try bringing up stock trading the next time you’re at a party – before you know it, you’ll be standing alone next to the punch bowl. That’s because most people think the world of finance is super-complicated and mind-numbingly boring.

But at BUX we know that the financial markets are, in fact, the most important, the biggest, the most influential and the most exciting game in the world. The financial markets are inseparably connected to international business, politics and our world economy, which makes trading stocks actually something super-interesting to do.

So we set out to make stock trading the life of the party. Well, finally, technology has enabled us to create an app which opens the markets to everyone and makes trading stocks as easy as liking a post on Facebook. Whereas traditional finance is as boring and elitist as classical music, BUX rocks the world of finance and let’s everyone experience how exciting trading stocks actually is. Enjoy the party!

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Meet the team

  • All
  • Taller than 180cm
  • Blue-eyed
  • Financial noobs
  • Runners
  • Food lovers


Initial Capital

A Silicon Valley and London based investor in tech companies with a focus on games. Quite notable that they’ve chosen to invest in a financial company like BUX.

Orange Growth

The founders of OGC knew a number of BUXers from their time in the plush surroundings of McKinsey. They immediately saw the potential of BUX and stepped in as the first external investors.

Velocity Capital

A Venture Capitalist specialized in fintech – that’s business slang for financial technology. Quite notable that they’ve chosen to invest in a gamified trading app like BUX ;-)


Located in Munich, Holtzbrink Ventures is one of the most successful venture capital firms supporting 'disruptive' Internet companies across Europe.

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Bux UK

86-90 Paul Street – 4th Floor
London, EC2A 4NE
United Kingdom

+44(0)20 3322 3433

Bux HQ

Spuistraat 114-b
1012 VA Amsterdam

+31(0)85 888 5505

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