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Top 6 and a Half Most Volatile Stocks

February 20 by Stephanie Tan

Volatility: Some love the rollercoaster ride while others can’t stomach the ups and downs. But big risks can often lead to big payoffs. So whether you’re a thrill-seeker or faint-hearted, buckle up as we explore our favourite volatile stocks to trade!

1. GoPro
52-Week Range*: $17.15 – $8.69
The US action camera maker has a strong fan base and brand image – who doesn’t like all that awesome footage filmed by daredevils with GoPros? But relying on a single cash cow is tricky, especially with heaps of competition in the space these days. Which is why its stock has experienced swings based on its sales results, as well as consumer response to new products like the Karma drone.

2. Air France-KLM
52-Week Range*: $8.62 – $4.65
Sometimes the stock flies high and at other times, it’s grounded. Airlines face a huge number of challenges from crew strikes, terrorist threats, fluctuating fuel prices and cut-throat competition. Which is why the outlook for airline stocks are always up in the air…

3. Priceline
52-Week Range*: $1,578.13 – $973.80
Like airlines, the US online travel company is vulnerable to factors in the broader environment that may deter people from travelling, like exchange rates, terrorism concerns and unexpected scares like the Zika virus. Which all result in the stock yo-yoing more than your weight…

4. Netflix
52-Week Range*: $128.35 – $82.79
You can always expect the stock to make big moves after earnings – it either skyrockets or plummets. While ‘Netflix and chill’ has become a popular phrase, the US streaming giant still has a lot to prove in terms of how popular it is with couch potatoes. Some believe it will continue to grow rapidly, while others think its growth won’t be able to keep up with ballooning content costs and fiercer competition as more streaming players join the fray.

5. Tesla
52-Week Range*: $265.42 – $143.67
The stock isn’t exactly on Autopilot as the electric car maker likes to keep investors on the edge of their seats. It keeps missing its own forecasts and has yet to turn a profit. Though charismatic founder and CEO Elon Musk keeps people enthralled with his future vision, buying a stock for its potential and not for its actual performance can be risky.

6. Whole Foods
52-Week Range*: $35.17 – $27.96
The stock hasn’t been as healthy as the natural, organic produce it touts. In the face of stiffer competition and a hard-to-shake consumer perception that it stocks overpriced goods (some Americans call it ‘Whole Paycheck’), the grocery chain is countering this by trying to reinvent itself.

6 ½. Um, any stock that Trump likes talking about on Twitter, really. Prepare for violent swings!


*Highest and lowest price in the period of January 1, 2016 – December 31, 2016

Written by

Stephanie Tan

Nomadic wordsmith who has dabbled in public relations, media and now, casual trading. She may not have a head for numbers but she enjoys doing cyber-sleuthing on companies and loves being immersed in all things tech. Connect with her on BUX: @Stephtrades

Disclaimer: All views, opinions or analysis expressed in articles are that of the author and do not represent the views of BUX. Neither BUX nor the author provide financial advice and these articles should not be construed as such.

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